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Best 5 RAMEN in Tokyo - Japan

Best 5 Ramen places in Tokyo according to Tripadvisor. Timestamp: Restaurant #5 0:02 — - Restaurant #4 5:26 — - Restaurant #3 10:15 — - Restaurant #2 14:18 — - Restaurant #1 16:53 — -
Side note: I wouldnt recommend the spicy version of Ippudo. The #1 Ramen place on this list had the best Ramen I tried in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Kansai.

Crazy Salmon Roll - How To Make Sushi Series

Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada shows you how to make our latest creation that will debut on our upcoming menu change happening in the next few weeks. Its basically a Crazy Tuna Roll with some added changes that really give this roll an amazing result. The torched salmon gives the fish a nice texture while the spicy salmon gives the finish a great pop. This is a must try when you visit so we hope youll order it the next time youre in. We cant wait to serve you soon :)

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Teppanyaki in Osaka - Food in Japan

Уютный семейный ресторан в Осаке, Япония. Готовятся несколько японских блюд: Якисоба, окономияки, говяжий язык и микс из яиц, овощи с мясом — цена: 20 USD / место: Тоганочо, 11, Умеда, Осака, Япония

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